With each passing day, music comes more and more oversaturated. There’s no shortage of new music, nor new artists to get listen to. With as much music out there, it seems to be void of music that really embodies the freshness that new music should have. Everything sounding like its following the same formula, but its really great when an artist brings their own special style of music for the world to buy into. SILOON has that type of music for you with her new song “CAN I CALL YOU THAT”.

The song does a grand job of giving you a real experience of music you can feel, to keep you invested for every second the song has to offer. It sonically has a brilliant indie/ electro pop infused sound that is layered to perfection and carries the right amount of emotion, to flow with the love in the writing that really stands out in the catchy chorus. SILOON is able to deliver it all with her signature vocals that are reminiscent of Nelly Furtado’s that make you feel the music to an even high level, to make for a musical experience you can get lost in, and will keep you coming back for more of the magic this stand out tune has to offer.

Check out SILOON “CAN I CALL YOU THAT” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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