Lánre – tell me.

Lánre – tell me.

With music its so important to not only catch a nice sound, but a vibe as well. That certain feel to the music that makes you connect to the song, on much more than a listening experience but a true one that you can feel in your spirit, with the perfect occasion to hear it being the present. When you get a song like Lánre’s “tell me.” you get the ultimate vibe of a record.

The song captures a super smooth Pop sound that is layered with infectious grooves, to set the ultimate tone for us to get invested in the danceable energy in the music. As the sound flows you get to feel the presence of Lánre, who melts you with his vocal tone to connect with the listener at a high level , as the writing flows through him so effortlessly to make for a record that is truly easy listening, with the only work for the listener is to hit play and enjoy it all.

Check out Lánre “tell me.” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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