Jordyn Tareaz – Again

Jordyn Tareaz – Again

Music has long been guide for the listener to help get them through. Bringing relatable substance to the records that are filled with gems and life lessons, that gives the listener what they need to hear during trying times. Those songs are always something people close to them, with serving as inspiration to keep going, and Jordyn Tareaz brings one of those records on the new song “Again”.

A soul stirring ballad that connects with the listener on every level. She has a poise and presence to her that cant be denied, as her vision comes to life over this powerful Pop sound filled with emotion to set the score for what comes to life. As you get into the sound you’re able to feel the vocals that pack soul and conviction in their tone, to deliver the righteous writing that really makes an impact, as Jordyn bares her soul and gives her all in the music to make a true connection with the listener that will last a lifetime.

Check out Jordyn Tareaz “Again” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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