Jordan Barone x Oc3 – Old Ways

Jordan Barone x Oc3 – Old Ways

Music has a way of grabbing you in a real way when there’s real emotion to it. When no matter how you feel when you hit play, the music takes over you and grabs you in to the experience that is brought to life by the listener. That type of music is what you get from Jordan Barone and Oc3 on their new song “Old Ways”.

As soon as you hit play you feel the music with great emotion put into the sound, by the acoustic piano chords, that works in divine harmony with the vocals that have great conviction and vulnerability to tug at the heart, to make things even grander. The song not only grabs you there but also lyrically, with great depth and substance in the writing that shows even in a time where music can be vibe focused, there is still power in a well written song, to connect with the listener in every way to create an emotive masterpiece worth every listen.

Check out Jordan Barone and Oc3 “Old Ways” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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