iwasoscar – KMS

iwasoscar – KMS

As much as people enjoy a light and melodic sound, it’s that hard sound in Hip Hop that always stops us in our tracks. Those lyrical tales, over menacing beats that have a haunting theme to them, that paint pictures better than any blockbuster films. That raw sound runs rampant in rising rapper iwasoscar’s new song “KMS”.

An undeniable display of music that shows just how dope he is on the new hard hitting release. The production brings a chilling commanding sound that knocks, and pays major dividends for him, while he spits all over it, to make it enticing for every second. The vocal performance is packed with a hard edge approach full of conviction, with his incredible display of artistry that makes his presence felt in a real way to make a powerful statement in the world of Hip Hop.

Check out iwasoscar “KMS” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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