Hope Raney – Not The One

Hope Raney – Not The One

When getting familiar with an artist, as well as invested in them its great to hear them a new way. When you already have an admiration for their craft, but also getting the opportunity to enjoy them a new way, as they bring a fresh approach to their music that shows their range. That’s what we have with Hope Raney’s new song “Not The One”.

We’ve already been impressed with Hope’s rapping ability that’s high level, but with this new single she brings a smooth R&B approach that marvels in a real way. The smooth throwback feel to the sound creates the ultimate vibe for her to create, while she shows off her slick singing ability that really comes alive in the chorus to make it a true standout. She not only impresses in the vocals but her writing really takes form to bring this track all together, to make one stellar body of work that keeps you wanting to jam to this record for time to come.

Check out Hope Raney “Not The One” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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