Daytona Hanza – More Than Magnificent (So Much More)

Daytona Hanza – More Than Magnificent (So Much More)

Music is best when you feel it. Especially a genre like Hip Hop, that is appreciated the most when an artist puts their all in to the music, to the point you feel the heart and soul in it. That mark on the music makes you become a fan of the artist, as they use their time with you to give you that more that most songs don’t. That’s the type of music you get from Daytona Hanza on his new song “More Than Magnificent (So Much More)”.

Daytona Hanza gives you top level rapping and brilliant creativity that you can get lost in. The innovation in the sound shines to the fullest, with a great dreamy sound in production that he takes full advantage of to bring the vision to life. His pen is amazing in its story telling as well as substance, and the flow is on point for it, as he brings the right amount of intensity in every line to make you feel the music just right on this major listen.

Check out Daytona Hanza “More Than Magnificent (So Much More) below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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