Carter Skyers – Easiest Goodbye

Carter Skyers – Easiest Goodbye

An artist who puts their soul into the music, is an artist who you can listen to for a lifetime. Putting their all into the music to not only make something that sounds great to hear, but something that you can feel for every minute as well. That music always shines to the fullest, and Carter Skyers gives you that type of music on the new song “Easiest Goodbye”.

A song that marvels in many ways especially lyrically, bringing some of the best songwriting you will hear on his new post breakup anthem. Carter is able to dive deep into his artistry to make something emotive, and relatable ,that grabs you in majorly to make you feel it all in a real way. It delivers in the high transparency lyrics with a vocal performance that marvels in giving us great emotion, while also giving us big soul appeal, to make it a digestible record that the masses can feel, in so many ways to make it a truly must hear record.

Check out Carter Skyers “Easiest Goodbye” and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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