Ordinary Child – Stuck In Time

Ordinary Child – Stuck In Time

In a time where there is so much music is coming out its important for an artist to find a way to connect with the people. With an art like music it can be approached in many different ways, but its really great when you can connect to a song on an emotional level. Especially with a song like “Stuck In Time” from Ordinary Child that lives up to the name for the experience.

It does a grand job of shining in its own creativity, as well as soul and emotion to grab you in instantly to the tone set. For as power as the sound is, it really shines in its story telling, with vivid detail of this tale of a indecisive girl, that is delivered by Ordinary Child’s soft vocals that melt you with every note, to make for a major listen that will keep you listening for time to come, to enjoy the many intricacies that makes this one song great.

Check out Ordinary Child “Stuck In Time” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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