MICHA – Drunk

MICHA – Drunk

Music always has a way of sticking with you when you can feel it. When it goes beyond just hearing something that sounds good, but something that stops time for you due to experience the music gives you on a heart and soul level. That type of music is what you get from MICHA on his new song “Drunk”.

Its a brilliant record that shows where high level artistry and pop appeal meet to make something truly remarkable. The production encompasses a stand out acoustic guitar sound with a nice commercial cinematic approach that makes one major sound for him to work over. He shines in his heartfelt writing approach that you feel the yearning in, and gives his all in his vocal performance that is powerful in its presence, to make it impossible to ignore as you get engulfed in the waves of the music that deliver to the fullest.

Check out MICHA “Drunk” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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