Marsii – Running Out of Time

Marsii – Running Out of Time

Hip Hop music is always at its best when its fresh. When it is able to embody the word Hip in a real way, with a coolness to the music, that is filled with great energy to make discovering music, as well as a new artist a fun experience to keep us all invested in the culture. That fresh approach is what you get from Marsii on the new song “Running Out of Time”.

A super slick record that is filled with replay value. The production packs the ultimate vibes to make it engaging with a slick dreamy sound that makes you chill to the music, and get lost in the visions brought to life, as the rhyming does its work to the fullest. His presence is felt in a real way and he let the words fly at will with the vocal approach being as fluid as water, to ride the waves of the sound to make it enjoyable in every way.

Check out Marsii “Running Out of Time” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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