Jah Bankzz – Who That

Jah Bankzz – Who That

Hip Hop has long been a male dominated genre, but its ever so refreshing to see the new wave of female artist coming through. Now more than ever female artist are buzzing in the culture and giving us all a reason to stay invested, as well as excited to see what they have to offer. With an artist like Jah Bankzz she embodies this with her new song “Who That”.

A slick infectious record that showcases her must hear talent to the fullest. The production hit hard with major bounce in the percussion and commanding piano chords, that make one strong sound to spring board her ideas to the fullest. Jah’s presence shines through in a real way as she hits on every mark from strong lyricism that is boastful in its approach, and delivered by an unapologetic flow that makes you buy into the music even more on this must hear body of work worth every listen!

Check out Jah Bankzz “Who That” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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