WIINSTON – thousand oaks

WIINSTON – thousand oaks

Music is at its best when it’s an experience. When you can hit play on a song and instantly time stops for you, as you explore this world full of sound that they bring to life to engulf the listener in its all in a real way. WIINSTON showcases his major talent for the world to be able to enjoy with their new song “Thousand Oaks”.

The music captures a very lush slick sound, with a nice Afrobeats touch to the sound that gives it infectious energy that makes you get lost in the music in a real way. As the music flows so does the vocals that are a match made in heaven with the sound, bringing a mastery in the approach that lets the vocals glide in mesh with the music to bring the writing to life to create a true experience of music that is fresh in its approach, to remind us all of the magic that comes with discovering new must hear music.

Check out WIINSTON “Thousand Oaks” below and follow their on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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