N8! – Destroy & Rebuild

N8! – Destroy & Rebuild

To be an emcee is to have power. To be the voice of the people and use your time with the listener to give them more than just sweet 16’s, but real powerful substance that leaves them with more than they cam with to show the true power of music. N8! is always on point in every way and he continues to marvel in his pursuit of Hip Hop greatness on his new song “Destroy & Rebuild”.

The music is super commanding right away and plays into the urgency that you feel when you listen with hard percussion and chilling melodies pushing things forward to set a strong tone. He’s vicious in his rhyming with major conviction that makes it stand out from the usual artist you come across, and brings it home in his lyrical substance that is sharp in every line to the leave the whole beat in shreds by the time he’s done with it, to show the levels to his game are unmatched.

Check out N8! “Destroy & Rebuild” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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