CXRRXNT – Betrayal

CXRRXNT – Betrayal

As a Hip Hop artist it’s important to have control on a track. Especially in today’s climate where there are so many artists, it’s crucial to make an impact and separate yourself in a major way. With an artist like CXRRXNT he brings the rhymes every time and he’s even more jacked in with his new song “Betrayal”.

He’s super jacked in an delivers an undeniable performance to put the culture on notice. The production does a grand job of bringing that knock with hard hitting 808’s and pace driving things him to make it engaging. CXRRXNT is able to take advantage of the sound and showcases some of his best work to date, with impressive lyricism that is quote worthy at every turn, and lays it all on the line with a powerful exhilarating flow that leaves a major impression on the listener, to truly make a stand out record worth every listen.

Check out CXRRXNT “Betrayal” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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