Kelly Vargas – Crush

Kelly Vargas – Crush

Happy Valentines Day!!! Todays is all about the lovers and music has long served as that extra special thing that brings this day to life. Countless artists come out with music to serve as the perfect soundtrack for not only this special day, but the feeling of love in a real way to make a connection with the listeners. Kelly Vargas brings a record that’s just in time for this on her new song “Crush”.

As soon as you hit play its hard not to get lost in the sound, with the dreamy feel of the R&B and Pop infused working wonders to set the right tone for everything that comes to life. Kelly’s vocals are sweet in their tone and does a masterful job of making you feel the love in the writing, that is perfectly crafted in the verses, and even more in the catchy chorus that feels so good to hear, one listen could never be enough with the magic of the music, being all the reason you will keep coming back for more.

Check out Kelly Vargas “Crush” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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