Ice Cream Social x Trip Carter – Freaky

Ice Cream Social x Trip Carter – Freaky

The biggest key to success in the art of rhythm and blues is soul. It’s that special sauce that makes people take that journey of music with you for life. Soul can’t be faked and must be authentic to really be felt by the listener. Ice Cream Social packs all the soul and vibes you can feel on the new song “Freaky”. featuring Trip Carter.

The music packs a sound that will make you feel the music with every note. The music has the perfect blend of a throwback sound, with fresh slick approach that makes people connect with the music, as well look to the music as the perfect getaway full of vibes. The writing is amazing in it’s articulation just as much as it is catchy, as it shines through in the delivery of it that helps it stand out even more, as you get to enjoy the smooth sexy vibe that’s right on time.

Check out Ice Cream Social and Trip Carter “Freaky” below. Stay Global my Friends!

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