Jess Meilman – Maybe It’s Love

Jess Meilman – Maybe It’s Love

Happy Monday!!! Hope everyone had a great weekend and ready to start the week off strong. For Mondays we always try to showcase music that embodies the excellence, we hope to share throughout the week. That’s only possible with incredible artist bringing us their work and Jess Meilman is one of those incredible talents with her new song “Maybe It’s Love”.

The music showcases everything it is that makes not only music but a great love song so enjoyable to hear. As soon as you hit play you get engulfed in the feel good Pop sound that sets the ultimate tone for the work that is delivered. While you enjoy the sound you get to really enjoy the mastery in the writing that shows the art of a well written song, especially in the chorus with the vocals shining in their presence, to make for a major listen that does everything right to give us something truly enjoyable.

Check out Jess Meilman “Maybe It’s Love” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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