Ian Fischer – Everyone, Anyone, Someone

Ian Fischer – Everyone, Anyone, Someone

Many songs have their own special way of connecting with the people. With some records they are a slow burn and takes time to really enjoy the things about it that make it great, and then there are some songs that just grab you instantly. Whether it be the approach to the sound, or a strong vocal performance, or even the substance in the writing that can be relatable, the reasons why a song can grab you are truly limitless and Ian Fischer gives you all of that and more on the new song “Everyone, Anyone, Someone”.

A powerful emotive pop anthem that you feel to your core . The commerical Pop approach serves as the perfect score to this vision he brings to life, with a nice soft touch that builds majorly to aid the emotion in the writing. For the powerful sound you get an impressive vocal performance from that has the right amount of intensity, that pours raw emotion into every line to make his presence felt just as much as its heard, with a relatable approach to the writing that makes you connect to it all in a major way.

Check out Ian Fischer “Everyone, Anyone, Someone” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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