R&B music has always been known for its intimacy. That smooth feeling to the music that takes over the spirit that makes you want to love, as well as love on someone. Long being known for having the right words at the right time for everyone to come closer and enjoy the vibes of the time. Avara has that with her fresh release “THESE SHEETS”.

A stand out release that gives you something super smooth and super sexy that’s right on time. The music is sexy in not a raunchy way but with a smooth tastefulness to it, that shines in the nighttime sultry vibe in the writing that comes to life majorly, to do everything right to bring the vision to life. She brings the perfect tone in her vocal performance to deliver it all, that makes you feel the energy of every word, as she glides through the production with ease to show the magic R&B music will always have, when its done at a high level.

Check out Avara “THESE SHEETS” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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