To stand out in anything especially Hip Hop music an artist must have unapologetic confidence. A brash touch to their presence that makes them stand out as great due to the fact they carry it with so much conviction, it’s hard not to be a believer too. With an artist like BARCODE813 there’s no denying his talent when you hear him, with his newest release “DON’T MAKE SENSE” being a loud statement from this artist.

He wastes no time getting us invested with a super dope sound in the production, that sets a hard tone tha the goes to work over. His delivery is raw and makes you feel the music just as much as hear it, while he fires off the braggadocios catchy writing, that holds no punches and lets it be known he’s the real deal. He shows infinite promise and gives you that star charisma that makes you buy into a Rap superstar in a real way.

Check out BARCODE813 “DON”T MAKE SENSE” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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