ATL Jacob Featuring Quavo – RNS

ATL Jacob Featuring Quavo – RNS

Hip Hop is always exciting when heavy hitters come together to make noise. When they both combine their talents to make one cohesive sound that shakes up the culture, as well as give the people something to talk about, and with the new collaboration from ATL Jacob and Quavo you know you’re getting something great with the song “RNS”.

As soon as you see the names you know the track is gonna have something to offer and when you hit play you could all you could want. The production has an exhilarating sound full of bass that knocks and gives things that extra bop that’s infectious. For as slick as the sound is so are the flows bringing their signature approach to life that makes things that much more spicy to get into, as the writing takes form in a real especially in the catchy chorus that makes this a sure hit.

Check out ATL Jacob featuring Quavo “RNS” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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