Frankie June – Lover’s Lullaby

Frankie June – Lover’s Lullaby

Putting out a smash of a debut can out pressure on an artist like no other. Getting people familiar with your sound, to the point they are invested, and want to see what you do next. The way an artist handles that pressure can really separate the level of artistry, between those who are truly great, and those who just got it right one time. What Frankie June does for her follow up to “Norman Rockwell Christmas” is make a masterpiece with her new song “Lover’s Lullaby”.

In a time where you can fill like you’ve heard everything, this song runs wild in its own original sound that brings fresh life to not only the experience, but music as a whole. The jazzy melancholy sound melts you at every turn, with lush melodies that make you connect to he music on an emotional level, as you get engulfed in the sound to the point it stops time for you. As much as the song shines in the sound, it shines through even more in the vocals, that carry a sweet airy tone that catches the wave of the sound, and rides it to perfection to give the writing the perfect amount of life, to make a tune that us masterful in every way, to keep us invested in this star that is ready to break through.

Check out Frankie June “Lover’s Lullaby” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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