Captain Brick – Cassius Clay

Captain Brick – Cassius Clay

Hip Hop is a genre that people have to feel. When fans hit play they have to get engulfed in the music in a real way, to make it not only last but something that people show off to people due the excitement the experience creates. Great emcees have long put it all together to make music that shakes up the culture and this new release from Captain Brick called “Cassius Clay” is what Hip Hop is all about.

As soon as you hit play you feel the tone set by the  instrumental, that has a dark haunting sound to it, with chilling piano chords put together with hard boom bap percussion, and major bass to let you know you’re hear for the real. Put this sound with Brick’s hard rhyming, then you really have something special with each verse having a harshness to it, that makes you feel his presence in a real way, as the sharp lyrics come to life to show the power of his pen, as he delivers the knockout punch that lives to the title to the fullest.

Check out Captain Brick “Cassius Clay” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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