Sani Knight – WHERE’D U GO

Sani Knight – WHERE’D U GO

Artists that have a way of sticking with you, are artists who are able to make music you can feel. Who are able to convey emotion that resonates beyond more than just a tune that you can vibe to, but one that you can have a real intimate connection with that feels like a true experience of music. That magic is what is captured on Sani Knight new song “WHERE’D U GO”.

The music has a smooth genre bending sound, encompassing elements of Hip Hop and R&B that really makes a connection on a soul level, as you get engulfed in the emotion set in the music. As you feel the sound and get invested in the tone set, you get to really dive into Sani’s writing. Connecting in its ability to capture the right amount of relatability, in its substance to make it connect that much more. This is all delivered by soft vocals that have great vulnerability in its tone that you feel in your heart and really takes off in the chorus to make a song you can feel, as well as get lost in for time to come.

Check out Sani Knight “WHERE’D U GO” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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