Dude It’s Nolan – Heavy Weighted

Dude It’s Nolan – Heavy Weighted

Being able to showcase music is always fun when you get to cover one of your favorite artist. When you see their name and excited to see what fresh music they have to offer the world. With an artist like Dude It’s Nolan we know we are getting something great every time, and with his new release “Heavy Weighted” he shows why he’s gained the reputation as a top lyricist.

He embodies the title to the fullest to show why he’s heavy in the rap game with boisterous flow and powerful lyricism. The approach to the music brings fresh life in a time music can feel dry, with the energy in the music resonation in a real way, as you feel him being reinspired in a real way to give his fans more, as well as show himself how much he has to offer the game over this incredible production that has that special knock to rise to the occasion of Dude It’s Nolan rhyming that is on point and gives us all something exciting to be apart of.

Check out Dude It’s Nolan “Heavy Weighted” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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