When you hear hit play on a record it’s important for the artist to let their voice be heard, and not only heard but felt. Bringing strong energy that gives them a presence like no there as they go for gold to make something, that is really major in its approach to make fans everywhere stop what they’re doing to bare witness to it all. When you hear CXRRXNT on his new track “Vices” you knows he’s special.

He brings an admirable braggadocios swagger to his approach that makes you feel the music instantly, as you want to rock to the must hear sound for every second. You hear no fear in his voice with a daring quality to him that makes his lyrics come to life, that shine in their slick word play that slides so effortlessly to make it all click in a divine way over this production, that serves as the perfect sound track for this vision that comes to life from this stellar talent.

Check out CXRRXNT “Vices” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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