Kahone Concept – Trashy State of Mind

Kahone Concept – Trashy State of Mind

Music is something that will forever be subjective but there’s no denying a big time record. A record that has a shine and quality to it that goes far beyond the average song, but a true record that is crafted with a mastery that is the thing of legends. Kahone Concept shows the shine that a major record will always have with his new release “Trashy State of Mind”.

An infectious must hear jam that makes you want to move as soon as you hit play. The production captures a sound that is reminiscent of work from Harry Styles “Harry’s House” album with his own special touch that shines through. His vocals feel so good to hear with a warm slick tone that makes you feel his presence, with the writing standing out in its creativity and catchiness, with everything working at a high level to make a song that packs that right level of commercial appeal to make an artist of this caliber break out in a real way.

Check out Kahone Concept “Trashy State of Mind” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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