Devin Cheff – 2GZ

Devin Cheff – 2GZ

With a genre like Hip Hop its hard to stand out, especially with how crowded it is. For someone to stand out they just have to have something special to them, that thing that you can’t always describe but when you hear it you know it some thing dope. That’s the feel Devin Cheff has to him on his new song “2GZ”.

He does a lot right to make one big picture record you can vibe to. The production sets a slick tone to get you to take notice to the music right away, and it matches Devin’s swagger in a real way. He shines not only as a rapper, but write as well giving us sharp verses that show off his masterful flow that floats with precision, to bring us to the catchy chorus that not only sounds good but feels good to hear to make a record you can enjoy without limits for time to come.

Check out Devin Cheff “2GZ” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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