The beginning of the year is always a competitive time in the music industry. Everyone looking to make a statement early and show fans everywhere, what they can look forward going forward. For SHOWTIME RAMON he makes a loud statement, that he isn’t letting up and even more jacked in on his new song “Mark Henry”.

You hear the now or never energy in the music, that resonates in a real way to get you invested into this vision that’s clear for us all to see. The hard 808’s being met with haunting piano chords, and intense string arrangements makes for a hard sound that feels like something special is about to happen, and once SHOWTIME RAMON comes in, he lets his words fly with menacing intent, to make sure the hard edge lyrics pop just right to make an undeniable body of work that stands out in every way.

Check out SHOWTIME RAMON “Mark Henry” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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