4RYN – Sorry I Was Busy 2 (Album Review)

4RYN – Sorry I Was Busy 2 (Album Review)

Music is at a point, where an artist just having good music isn’t enough. An artist has to not only make music that stands out sonically, but also have music and a winning personality to them that makes you buy into the artistry, on a real level. With an artist like 4RYN he has all of that and so much more to offer the game, with his latest project “Sorry I Was Busy 2”. A seven track, 18 minute project that is ready for the world to hear. We took time to review the project below.

Intro (Power Moves Only)“F**k some leverage, bi*ch I know who I am” The urgency in the music sets a grand tone for the project, with a pulsing sound brought to life by driving drums and bass that gets you invested instantly. 4RYN rises to the occasion and you hear him rapping for dear life, with the seriousness of the moment making him show how sharp his pen is, and the conviction in the flow to make it felt.

Ocean Breeze – The second track slows things down, while maintaining the heart put into the music, to make some of the more emotive music of the project. With each piano chord provided 4RYN delivers thoughtful transparent rhyming, that brings us closer to the person behind the music to make a connection that is necessary for rising artists to breakthrough.

Kozy Bryant – “I’ma keep on balling till they tell me, that my time’s up” One of the greatest elements of this record is how good it feels to hear. The craftsmanship in his game shines through in this record. The lyrics are super catchy while also having a nice dash of substance, with the flow being filled with infectious charisma that floats through the dreamy sound to make a record worth keeping on repeat.

Lemon Squeeze – The last track showed his strength as a songwriter but this one, shows just how busy he can get on the mic. 4RYN rhymes are slick and the flow is even slicker with each line being quote worthy in every beat transition. Another standout is the engineering on this record courtesy of 43.elijah that really works wonders of creating a true experience for the listener to get lost in.

Feel Like Uzi – A pleasant surprise that is daring in its approach to show his range. It lives up to the title with a great genre bending sound that infuses Hip Hop and the fast rising hyperpop sound, to make one fun catchy tune that brings fresh life to the project.

Glo Embiid – It slows the tempo from its high energy predecessor to make a super smooth record that prepares us for landing, from the high from this project. Through every track you feel the underlying soul element to the music, with it coming through just right on this one. The fly lyrics land with divine timing on this easy listening track to make you vibe endlessly.

Outro (Rap Scorsese)“I make movies then I rap about em” The finale sounds like a victory lap with you and him both realizing that he pulled it off, as he brings it home in a real way. Its a culmination of everything you loved so far into one track, with the emotion and soul being on full bloom. The lyrics hit on every cylinder, and the calm storm of the flow pushes us to the Willie Dynamite sample, that puts the exclamation mark on this major statement.

Check out 4RYN “Sorry I Was Busy 2” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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