Otis Fonde – Juice

Otis Fonde – Juice

Hearing an artist on a record doing whatever they want is always exciting. That high skill you hear in the music, and the confidence in the approach, that you know they’re doing exactly what they’re envisioning in the mind, to make the best music out there. That music is always great to take in, because it allows us to just be fans of the music, and enjoy it with admiration. That level of music you get from Otis Fonde with the new song “Juice”.

He delivers the ultimate statement of a record to finish off the year in supreme fashion. Otis wastes no time at all, taking off as soon as his verse starts. The flow is as fluid as ever, as he bends the waves of his words, to craft and deliver his lyrics masterfully to the listener. His lyricism is focused, and braggadocios with a style that raps circles around us to not only showcase the great sounds, but bring the picture to life for us all to buy into his star presence that shines in a real way.

Check out Otis Fonde “Juice” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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