M Soto – Dream 2 Night

M Soto – Dream 2 Night

Music present day is in a climate where fans are looking to make a true connection with the listener. Going beyond just liking someone’s music, people want to be able to feel an artist, to the point they can buy into them on a personal level due to the realism in the music. With an artist like M Soto he puts his all into the music and you feel it as such with his new song “Dream 2 Night” being a shining example of that.

The emotion that’s in the rhyming is undeniable and drives the point home to the soul on this fresh release. Lyrically it marvels in it’s story telling, with great relatable substance and makes it clear he’s here with a purpose, while he delivers an instant classic over this big time sound sound that is perfect spring board for the vision he brings to life to give us something real to connect to.

Check out M Soto “Dream 2 Night” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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