illgortyhmz x Future1Luv x seltzr – FUR

illgortyhmz x Future1Luv x seltzr – FUR

Music is truly an exciting experience when you hear artists dive deep into their creativity, to try to bring music to us in a way like never before. That task is surely a tough one, with so many different styles being out there it’s hard to say something is truly new, but illgortyhmz, Future1Luv, and seltzr come together to show just how much room for innovation is left in music on the new song “FUR”.

Each creative shines in their own individual craft, while putting it all together just right to show the magic of collaboration. The genre bending approach to the sound takes things to another dimension with with a grand electro hip hop touch, with elements of jazz working together throughout to make one super dope sound. With the stand out sound you get impeccable rhyming that is slick in its approach, bringing major flavor to the music to serve as the perfect emcee for this party brought to life.

Check out illgortyhmz, Future1Luv, and seltzr “FUR” below, as well as follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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