DMENTID – One More Shot

DMENTID – One More Shot

Some artists just have a presence about them. Some artist you hear, and know this is a rare talent, with high caliber ability, to the point it commands all of your attention, as you bare witness to a high level of greatness that doesn’t always come around too often. That special feel is what DMENTID has to him on his new record on his new record “One More Shot”.

He brings supreme lyricism and focus to bring this vision to life. The flow is flawless and exciting as he attacks this beat, with high focus and precision to deliver the rhymes with ultimate perfection. The lines are sharp and boisterous as they lean on the listener, with their undeniable talent that shakes you up with every line, they deliver with the ultimate conviction, to make it felt just as much as it is heard.

DMENTID’s “One More Shot” is a record that separates an emcee from the pack. It embodies the feel in a real way of what authentic Hip Hop sounds like with hard rhyming, accompanied by a powerful beat to keep it knocking for every second for fans everywhere.

Check out DMENTID “One More Shot” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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