A key to standing out now more than ever is presence. An artist having that commanding energy to them that helps them stand out from the plethora of new artists that release daily. Having presence to you makes you stand out in a real way, as you become an undeniable force to ignore. That energy shines the most about JACSVENGEANCE new song “Gold”.

He lets his style shine to the fullest to make a song that can’t be denied for a single second. The bass heavy sound in the production sets the tone, and allows the unapologetic lyricism to flourish majorly. His voice is commanding with a raw tone that is captivating, as he lets his style to flourish to deliver over this record. JACSVENGEANCE shines in every aspect of his craft to shine as a promising Rap star who has something to off to the culture, with this fresh release being the ultimate statement heading into the new year.

Check out JACSVENGEANCE “Gold” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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