EĐĐIE – Sleigh Ride

EĐĐIE – Sleigh Ride

The Holiday season is full swing with this time of year being festive in every way especially music. Countless artist delivering their version of classic records to add to this special time of the year, as we all look to hear music that plays the perfect soundtrack for it. You can add EĐĐIE’s edition of “Sleigh Ride” as one of those records that are just on time.

It tap into a true classic to add fresh exciting life to it to make something you must be apart of. The music stands out in many ways especially in the way that it feels. The gleeful energy in the music shining through in every way with a great sound in the production that grabs you instantly, and being matched with the charismatic tone in the vocals, that really brings the fun to the music you can feel. As each second passes you enjoy it more and more with each tone feeling as good as the next bring fresh life to a classic that will have a place in your favorite holiday playlist for time to come.

Check out EĐĐIE “Sleigh Ride” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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