SHOWTIME RAMON Featuring Mark Battles – Jet Lag

SHOWTIME RAMON Featuring Mark Battles – Jet Lag

Music is more overcrowded than its ever been. More so to the point its tough for any artist to stand out due to not only there being a lot of artist, but a lot of them all being on the same level. To stand apart an artist has to be levels above the rest to make a name for themselves, and SHOWTIME RAMON is an artist who is another level and his new release “Jet Lag” featuring Mark Battles is the perfect testament to that.

The music doesn’t waste any time grabbing our attention with major knock to the sound, that feels like something major is about to happen, and when they step up to the music they play no games. Delivering sharp lyricism that cuts every which way to grab our attention, with each line being more exciting to hear, with powerful flow that is packed with conviction to not only make the lyrics stand out as dope, but making them believable as well, to make for a listening experience that stops time and allows us all to just be fans of this mastery at this on full bloom, on this release that is miles above the rest.

Check out SHOWTIME RAMON featuring Mark Battles “Jet Lag” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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