Dani Sylvia – Change Your Mind

Dani Sylvia – Change Your Mind

Music is truly an experience when you can get lost in it. Those songs you hear that create a world around you while you explore this new fresh sound presented. That type of music will make a fan out of anyone, with a sound that will keep you coming back to enjoy the new life in the music, and Dani Sylvia will make a fan out of everyone with her new song “Change Your Mind”.

A major big time record that you know the world is meant to hear. It has such mastery in the approach that helps each element stand out to the fullest, while working in perfect harmony as one to make something truly special. The production is a great example of innovation and Pop appeal making one major sound, with Dani’s vocals shining through it all with a commanding presence that really shines majorly in the chorus, while also carrying great emotion to bring the writing to life that is brilliant in its articulation, to give the world a supreme display of music that one listen will never be enough for.

Check out Dani Sylvia “Change Your Mind” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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