Christopha – Make You Proud

Christopha – Make You Proud

The year is winding down and most artist are taking their foot off the gas and coasting to the new year, while some still have their foot on the gas, to the end the year on the highest note possible. Christopha is one of those artist. His consistency has been unmatched and one of the reasons he has really owned 2023, with his latest release “Make You Proud” showcasing his talent to the fullest.

Christopha is brilliant at making music that not only sounds good, but that you are able to make a true emotional connection with, to give a true experience like no other. This record stops time for you to feel all it has to offer, with a great soulful sound being brought to life by piano chords and soft percussion, that he lets his words fly, with the pen showing major depth to have a realism and relatability that shines through, while delivering it all with a heartfelt flow that you feel in the heart, because you know all of his words come from his, to give us the perfect send off from this breakout talent.

Check out Christopha “Make You Proud” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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