Cabana Boi – Walk Away

Cabana Boi – Walk Away

Music is truly an art like no other. One of the most subjective forms of art, with it being something that can divide people in their states. Being something that different people can hear the same record, yet such different options about it. For a song to be felt by all it has to be done to a major level that shatters any form of subjectivity, to shine through as something great. Cabana Boi does that and so much more on the new song “Walk Away”.

A brilliant sound that comes to life on the new exciting release you don’t want to miss out on. The EDM sound brings bright lights to the music that shines with a nice electro pop touch to the music that is layered to perfection, to make something exciting that keeps you invested in the magic of it all that comes to life. For this incredible sound you get a vocals that are sweet in their tone to make you feel the the music that much more, to make sure you can enjoy this special record in its entirety, for every second.

Check out Cabana Boi “Walk Away” below. Stay Global my Friends!

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