Demetrius – Above The Law

Demetrius – Above The Law

Hip Hop is a genre of music that goes far beyond just a style of music, but a true way of life. Since the beginning it’s had a way of connecting with people at a high level due to the soul and authenticity put into the records by legendary emcees, to the point you feel a connection with the person behind the music. That spirit to the music is what Demetrius new song “Above The Law” runs wild in.

The production does a grand job of setting the tone with great sample work, being matched with the hard percussion, to stop time to take in the artistry that comes to life. Demetrius is able to be sharp lyrically, while also bringing a high level of transparency to make him that much more relatable to his fans, as he raps with so much heart and conviction you hang on to every word he delivers to make a song that gives you that more that keeps music going forever.

Check out Demetrius “Above The Law” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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