Jimmysodopedope – Love Me Knot

Jimmysodopedope – Love Me Knot

Something that is always enjoyable to hear in an artists music is that flavor. That special thing to it that feels like the seasoning for a favorite dish, as it’s all put together well enough to be digestible for the masses to take in. A song that carries major flavor is Jimmysodopedope’s new song “Love Me Knot”.

A super chill feel good record that brings soul and the cool in his style to make something dope. He floats vocally like a poet, as his words are delivered with superb fine timing, to help it all flow effortlessly as he brings this love song to life. The production plays the perfect aid to bring this to life with a nice soulful sound that lets you chill and enjoy the intricacies in the writing that get better with every second he lets his art paint this masterful picture that is on full display for us all to be made fans.

Check out Jimmysodopedope “Love Me Knot” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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