4eva14 – Won’t Fall

4eva14 – Won’t Fall

Now more than ever people are looking for music to vibe to. Those records that you feel and get lost in the energy of it all, as you let the music do its work to create a sure experience you’ll keep coming back to. A song with that feel is sure to make an impact and the new song “Won’t Fall” from 4eva14 is one of those records.

4eva14 gets in his bag to deliver a sure fire banger that can’t be denied. Everything about this record is commanding, with a hard sound in the production that 808’s set the tone perfectly for 4eva14 to do his work. When he delivers, he delivers with the ultimate charisma and conviction in his flow, to show he’s the real deal while he gives fun impressive lyricism, to make this record click in every way for this promising act who has alot to offer to the world.

Check out 4eva14 “Won’t Fall” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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