livv – Talk Talk Talk

livv – Talk Talk Talk

Music is on another level when you can dance to. When the sounds working together to make one awesome experience, that not only connects to ear but the body as well, to the point you have to do something with all the infectious energy coming to you. That sure experience of music is what you get from livv on the new song “Talk Talk Talk”.

An awesome display of music that will keep you dancing to the break of dawn. The big time feel to the music instantly grabs you with the energy of the music bringing lights to your world, as you get lost in the sound. With this brilliant EDM/ Breakbeat sound you get a slick vocal performance that is major enough to stand to it, and shine with it as the perfectly crafted lyrics are delivered to the fullest with a great rap and singing combo to make this record connect, in every way possible for music lovers everywhere to enjoy.

This is a record that keeps getting better with every listen with a supreme sound that just feels good to hear. It’s impossible to not want to live life to the fullest, with the energy of the music resonating with the spirit to make you want to get up and dance, to this record that is just on time.

Check out livv “Talk Talk Talk” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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