Hayley Warner – I Think I Saw The Moon

Hayley Warner – I Think I Saw The Moon

A song that always stands out is a great love song. Songs that can describe the euphoria at a high level, and say some of our most intimates thoughts in a special way, that there’s no words needed because the music does the job. Those songs are timeless and Hayley Warner brings a song that truly stops time for us to get lost in on the new song “I Think I Saw The Moon”.

Its heartfelt music at its finest that you feel in your core, as you connect to the music on every level. When you hit play you get acoustic guitar melodies, that set the tone as well as help shift the listener attention to the vocals and writing that take you away, and melts you with every note. The music builds righteously throughout till it gets you to the big time chorus, with a mastery in the approach that makes it stand out from your average song, but the major release meant to shake up the world that it truly is. If you are looking for the next great artist of our time to get invested in, Hayley Warner is a star on the rise that you might want to pay notice to.

Check out Hayley Warner “I Think I Saw The Moon” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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