Lelli – Thailand

Lelli – Thailand

There’s no denying that music is a thing of trends. Where artists can see something working and trying their hand at it too. As much as that is the case, music is always at its best when you get to hear an artist be creative. When you hear their own original approach come to life to give us something fresh and new, to keep us invested in this thing we all love. Lelli shines in their own sound and makes for an infectious must hear record, with the new release “Thailand”.

The music brings a slick electro sound full of bass that drives things forward righteously, as you vibe to the magic taking place. For the super slick sound you get a slicker vocal performance that is reminiscent of M.I.A., shining in its presence as well as its tone that makes you feel the music even more, while the catchy lyrics come to life to bring a full picture of artistry, that brings more life to the culture of music. If you’re looking for a stand out release of music, that gives you more than the everyday tunes we hear, then hit play now and enjoy the brilliance of Lelli.

Check out Lelli “Thailand” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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