Kasper Juul – Identity Crisis (Masove Remix)

With so many good records out it’s even sweeter to hear a song that separates itself as great. Songs done with such mastery in the craft, that you know it was a song made with the intent of the world hearing it, and with the high level of quality you know they surely will. That’s the case for Kasper Juul on the new incredible Masove Remix of “Identity Crisis”.

The song does a brilliant job of fusing the appeal of Pop music with the fullness in the sound of EDM to make one major sound that can’t be denied. it’s lyrically impressive with strong craftsmanship that really shines in the chorus and even more in the chorus to connect all the pieces in a real way. It also rises to the occasion vocally with big time presence that makes you take on the emotion in the music in a real way, to make for a true experience of music that you will want to keep running back to for time to come, to get lost in all the music has to offer.

Check out Kasper Juul “Identity Crisis (Masove Remix)” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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