Lit Wilson – Gassed Up

Lit Wilson – Gassed Up

The best type of music to get into is music that gives you an experience. A tune that goes beyond just hearing something nice, but something that stops time and takes you away, as you get engulfed in everything, If you’re looking for that, Lit Wilson has that and so much more with the new release “Gassed Up”.

A brilliant display of music that does everything right to live up to the title. It has a high octane Trap and EDM sound that takes you on a journey that is so engaging, its impossible not to get wrapped up in. The percussion hits at every mark, packing major bass that thumps out your speaker and matched with incredible electro melodies that bounce off of each other perfectly, to sell every transition righteously to make for an incredible record that’s impossible to ignore, with the commanding energy in it all coming through righteously to make us all feel like we are at the festival of a lifetime.

Check out Lit Wilson “Gassed Up” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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