Kahone Concept – Hey, Have It Your Way

Kahone Concept – Hey, Have It Your Way

Music can shine for many reasons including the story telling in it. Those beautiful records that paint pictures for us that come to life, right in front of our eyes just as well as cinematic work we fall in love. When you get to enjoy those type of records, it truly sticks with you and Kahone Concept’s “Hey, Have It Your Way” is one of those brilliant records.

Kahone takes a retro sound and brings fresh life to make music you can get lost in, on the new song. As soon as you hit play you get into the vintage sound, that is reminiscent of Elton John, with a grand piano performance, to make it unforgettable. To match the sound the vocals are perfect as well as full of life, while you feel each note and all of its magic, as he delivers the songwriting o the fullest that marvels in its craftsmanship in the verses, and shines majorly in the chorus to make one ultra must hear jam.

Check out Kahone Concept “Hey, Have It Your Way” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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